January 1, 2011

Happy New Year. ^^

Happy New Year!
An nyoung ha seh yo! ^^,
I haven't been blogging recently, opps. :B, I don't blame anyone but myself if i lost a lot of readers. I've been busy recently *excuse*, I've met up with awesome people recently, like Patricia and Xueying.^^, I just realised Patricia stays 7 blocks away from me, like near only. :D

I received a medium-sized domo from my daddy. Huggable only. ^^, I bought with my sissy a 92cm bunny. :B, My bed is filled with soft toys, but I threw all of them, except the soft toy dog, domokuns and bunny, down to the floor.

I have a thing for small eyes :B, see those 3 guys, ya, ALL SMALL EYES, LIKE ME! ^^, yay small eyes people. AND WE CAN SEE PERFECTLY FINE HOR.
Uhhhh, SCHOOL'S STARTING SOON, YAY(?) ._. , I'm still in the holiday mood okay, I still want to sleep late and wake up whenever I feel like. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE BOOKS I HAVE TO BRING?! Walao, all so thick and heavy! ._. , I'm still excited though, I want to see my juniors and friends. ^^, I still owe Eernie a meetup though.
That's all, I'm not in the blogging mood at all ._.

OHYA, GA-IN AND JOKWON KISSED IN TODAY'S We Got Married Episode, I'm waiting for it to be subbed. ^^, damn loving right? :B